On July 14, 1993, I gave birth to five beautiful puppies, four girls and one boy. I could tell immediately that they were all healthy and that I was going to have my hands full with this little bunch.

The Tippy Family Story is the story of my life with Evie following the birth of my puppies. The story spans over a period of four years. It includes the birth of my grandchildren.

Evie, the puppies and I started off our adventure in a Greenwich Village apartment. We moved to East Hampton, New York shortly after my puppies were born.

Naturally, we all moved to Boca Raton, Florida for awhile. We lived in a huge mansion and sun bathed every morning. Life was simple. We spent our days choosing between laying on the outdoor couch in the shade or on the deck in the sun.

We returned to East Hampton, NY to live in our own house for most of the story. We had many unforgettable adventures, some happy and some sad, thankfully mostly happy.

I don’t think the UPS driver or the Fed-Ex driver in the Hamptons will miss us because each time they came over to the house, the five of us greeted them with some “loud lungs” as Evie liked to say.

Each of my puppies had a distinct personality and my grandchild; well she looked like she was a visitor from another planet. We were a family and a close one and Evie and I were the heads of the family.

The most special time for us was at night when we would go to bed. Everyone had their spot on the bed. I slept at the edge of the bed. I always liked to be on watch near the door.

My puppies always chose to sleep close to Evie. My grandchild had to sleep on Evie’s head. To this day, I don’t know how Evie was able to breather in her own bed.

I do know that no family could have been as close and loving as ours.

* the tippy family story will be out in 2006