My children are now grown. I have raised one of my two grandchildren.

Evie thought that five dogs was as many as we could keep at one time. We gave one of my grandchildren away and we kept the other one. All of the dogs are trained and can stay home even after Evie isn’t around. We had moved to Central, New Jersey in 1998. Evie worked from home. Evie had so much fulfillment from her work that I started thinking about getting a job myself.

I started taking courses at Therapy University and graduated with a degree in psychology with honors. I took a really hard test, and I became licensed o practice in the state of New Jersey to practice psychology. After graduating from Therapy U, I opened up a whole new world for me. I started my own practice in Central, New Jersey, where I was now living with Evie, my three children and one of my grandchildren. I decided to specialize in animal psychology. I realized that there were plenty of therapists for people,but there was little to no information about animal related mental health issues. I decided that I would specialize in this area.

It was not long before my practice grew. Word spread through the animal community of my arrival. There were not too many animal therapists in Central, NJ. The day I opened my office, I had one fish, two horses, a goat, a ferret, a bulldog, and a hamster all waiting outside my building for me to open my business. I guess the animal crew out here did not know about appointments.

I created a work schedule and began my new life.

Dr. Tippy book

Dr. Tippy and the bulldog's midlife crisis